Zontain: Lol I like how you show up after I ask what's happened to you Fraesh ;P
Blackyking: Sorry that I was a long time busy. I still work on the last Release of Bid for Power!
Fraesh: this sites still online :D awesome. i kinda got busy at some point and forgot about the site xD just today i kinda remembered the project. nice that youre still workin on it ^^
Zontain: Hey Blacky what ever happened to Fraesh..?
Ricky: I want this game
tuesday 17. 06. 2008
Site Basicly Ready!
from Fraesh

So the site is basicly ready!!
Sure well add more features by the time but thats it for now laugh
In future there will definitly some more Colors to choose of and much more stuff, maybe somehing special with the release of eBFPf 3.0 happy


Sunday 15. 06. 2008

The first News Post about EBFPF on the New Homepage 8)
This News include two Screenshots of the Secret 2nd Engine of EBFPF!Yes there was an 2nd Engine it looks similar to Doom3

Here are the first 2 Screenshots of the Secret Engine,shows you Li Shenron:

Discuss about it in the Forum :apllaus

Saturday 14. 06. 2008

The new Homepage is Online smile
And we have an new Team Member in our Team hes named Fraesh he is Coder/Gfxer/Co-Admin of Team Animaker wacko
And thanks at http://www.quakeunity.com for the Webspace
The Homepage is now complete in English
We opened an International Forum for other People like Germans or so one
And the Offical Release Date of English Bid for Power Final 3.0 is
19th July 2008

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English Bid for Power Final 5.0 Released!

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