Zontain: Lol I like how you show up after I ask what's happened to you Fraesh ;P
Blackyking: Sorry that I was a long time busy. I still work on the last Release of Bid for Power!
Fraesh: this sites still online :D awesome. i kinda got busy at some point and forgot about the site xD just today i kinda remembered the project. nice that youre still workin on it ^^
Zontain: Hey Blacky what ever happened to Fraesh..?
Ricky: I want this game
Wednesday 11. 03. 2009

In some Days is coming the next Version - English Bid for Power Final 4.0
Its coming with a lot Updates and Bug Fixes and new things.
And over 20 Maps has been reworked for this Release all of them get a new look.

The Map Update is coming with an patch which is includet in the .zip file of the 4.0 Release because it needs an good grpahic card to handle so only people who has an good graphic card can use this features


Friday 27. 02. 2009

And now our last Monthly Update about English Bid for Power Final 4.0 before the Release.
In this News we shows you the 9 Minutes Promotion Video

And some new screenshots about the new 2nd Engine (updated again):

For larger Screenshots visit the Gallery
The next News is coming on 24th March with the English Bid for Power Final 4.0 Release happy

Thursday 12. 02. 2009

And now coming the second Graphic Update.
We made some Bug fixes (like the bad no Skin Bug in EBFPF 3.0...) and Improvements on the Cel Engine and added bloom too

For larger Screens visit the Gallery
The next Media Update with the offical Promotion Video and Changelog of EBFPF 4.0 is coming very soon

Wednesday 28. 01. 2009

I know its to early for our Monthly Update but this is not the Monthly Update its an Graphic Update that shows you some fixes about the graphic in EBFPF 4.0.
With the next Release is coming Bloom this give it a much better looking but thats not all!

Now only some about the new 2nd Engine:

And now the new 2nd Engine with Bloom:

For more and larger Screens visit the Gallery
The Monthly Update is coming in the Mid/End of february and shows you the Promotion Video of EBFPF 4.0!

Wednesday 14. 01. 2009

Many of you Suggest Instant Transmission and now its coming in the next Release English Bid for Power Final 4.0.
Each Character can use Instant Transmission by pressing a key.
And here is the Video:

[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ]


English Bid for Power Final 5.0 Released!

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