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Zontain: Lol I like how you show up after I ask what's happened to you Fraesh ;P
Blackyking: Sorry that I was a long time busy. I still work on the last Release of Bid for Power!
Fraesh: this sites still online :D awesome. i kinda got busy at some point and forgot about the site xD just today i kinda remembered the project. nice that youre still workin on it ^^
Zontain: Hey Blacky what ever happened to Fraesh..?
Ricky: I want this game
English Bid for Power Final 3.0 4.0 Map Update
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ebfpf40 2009-03-08 02-54-16-01
ebfpf40 2009-03-11 19-20-22-34
ebfpf40 2009-03-11 19-22-20-18
ebfpf40 2009-03-11 19-24-14-65
ebfpf40 2009-03-11 19-26-28-00


English Bid for Power Final 5.0 Released!

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