Zontain: Lol I like how you show up after I ask what's happened to you Fraesh ;P
Blackyking: Sorry that I was a long time busy. I still work on the last Release of Bid for Power!
Fraesh: this sites still online :D awesome. i kinda got busy at some point and forgot about the site xD just today i kinda remembered the project. nice that youre still workin on it ^^
Zontain: Hey Blacky what ever happened to Fraesh..?
Ricky: I want this game
Saturday 13. 04. 2013
There we are...
from Blackyking

Hello Royal EBFPF Fans,
English Bid for Power Final 6.0 is not dead!
We are still working hard to get this last Release finished for you guys!
We are planing some Online Servers to play with your friends and enemys :-)

Thank all for your help, to keep this Mod alive!



tuesday 05. 06. 2012
We are back!
from Blackyking

Hello dear EBFPF Fans,
after a long time we are still back in business.
Some Members and me still continue working on the last Release.

Things you are waiting for:
-Yeah, we finally got some Online Server!
- A complete new Engine !
- Story Mode (Its in the first closed Beta as now)

Maybe some more :-)

Thanks all for your help!


Your EBFPF Team

Friday 24. 06. 2011

Now we have a final Release Date!
This Autum the last and final Release of EBFPF is coming!
In July you see the offical Trailer of 5.0!
Which shows you the new Story Mod and some more so keep your eye's on smile

Monday 07. 02. 2011
Still not dead!
from Blackyking

Yeah were still working hard on the next Release and Final Release of English Bid for Power Final!
It needs a lot of Time, but you get the best Dragon Ball Mod!
With Online Servers, a Story Mod were you can play the complete Story of Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT and some English Bid for Power Final only Missions, over 50 Missions awaiting you and over 8 hours of play.
New Soundtracks, now a lot of Characters got her own Sounds when he start attacks!
Comlete overhaul of Quake 3 Engine, I still working hard, to make this Engine looking like a new generation of Quake!
Some new Characters and Maps are coming too

Over 150 Characters and over 70 Maps still awaiting you in this fucking Release play Offline the Story Mod or Online in Team with friends or against all!

Its coming SOON

Monday 31. 05. 2010

Hello, Royal EBFPF Fans
Its some Months ago of the Offical Relase of the 5.0 Beta Release but were still working on the 5.0 Release,were fixed a lot of bugs for now.

Here is some Status Report,which are finished and planned of the 5.0 Final Release:

- EBFPF 5.0 Engine - fixed startup problems
- EBFPF 5.0 Low Engine, its playable for everyone this engine
- some other main baugs which we are found.

Still Planned:
-More Manuelly Transformations
-Some new Features to the Engine like Shadow Mapping,New and more enjoyable Shaows....
-English Voices for each Character
-Story Mode with more than 45 Missions and over 8 Hours of fighting and playing the whole DBZ Series,DBZ Movies like Garlick Jr, Bojack.. and some of the DBGT Series
A Closed beta of the Story Mode is coming soon we are have 15 Beta Keys, some lucky guys will get them, but you get more Information on that later this Month
- Maybe Some more smile

Greetz Team Animaker

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English Bid for Power Final 5.0 Released!

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